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What Is Security Awareness Training?

You’ve heard the term. Security awareness training, also known as end-user security awareness training, is steadily growing as an industry standard for companies. But, what is it exactly? And, why does it matter?

Security awareness training is the official company proctored process for educating employees about computer security. This includes policies, procedures, and hands-on training on best practices for utilizing company technology and exercising due diligence on the company network. It’s pretty important. According to IBM’s 2016 Cyber Security Intelligence Index, 25% of all security breaches are caused by employees. And, you’re losing time and money because of it.

The What

Companies, especially larger, more established businesses, are targeted by various security threats daily — things like phishing scams, malware, social engineering, and more. Your employees are oftentimes the gatekeepers between malicious breaches and your company network. Sometimes, it only takes a click to infect one machine and then spread to your entire network, and the user who opened the door to bad actors isn’t always aware that they did something wrong.

Integrate security awareness training with your employee onboarding process to help avoid security incidents before they happen. Learn how with this security awareness onboarding online course from ITProTV.

The How

A worst-case scenario would be something like ransomware hitting your network and encrypting vulnerable data like customer information or sensitive financial data and demanding a ransom to release your files. You can’t afford to get locked out of mission-critical data, it may shut down your entire business depending on your industry. In an article for IT leaders, ITProTV takes a deep dive into how ransomware gets on your network, what you can do to prepare, and what to do if your company is infected.

Even little things that don’t seem so bad can have major consequences for your company. Take, for example, cases of social engineering. In this video, a simple phone call from a bad actor can lead to an employee unknowingly giving out information that leads to a security breach.

What To Do

Above are just two of the numerous ways malicious attacks happen. You want to stay one step ahead of bad actors by equipping your employees with knowledge and creating a culture of security. A comprehensive security awareness onboarding program is a must; check out this article for 3 ways to build an end-user security awareness program in any business.

It’s important to remember that battling security threats also means making sure your IT team is equipped to tackle the latest breaches. Giving them access to up-to-date, on-demand technology training means assuring they have the skills needed to defend your company and support your employees when a breach happens. Keep their skills fresh and grow them into cybersecurity experts in-house with binge-worthy learning from ITProTV.

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