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The New CompTIA A+ Core 1 & Core 2 Series

CompTIA launched the new CompTIA A+ certification today with new nomenclature, new exam objectives, and a focus on problem-solving for IT professionals. Here’s an overview of what’s new:

The Why
CompTIA is changing the A+ certification scheme to better align with current trends in the IT workforce. It is designed to expose IT professionals to a wide-variety of skills and specializations like cloud, cybersecurity, network administration, and more. It does so by focusing on complex problem-solving skills that IT pros may encounter in the field.

On the IT pro side, the new A+ offers a wider avenue to explore career opportunities. The objectives emphasize cloud and virtualization as well as cybersecurity more than the previous certification scheme. For employers, hiring IT pros with the new A+ certifications means that these pros have focused greatly on not just familiarizing themselves with different aspects of technology but also problem-solving in these avenues.

The Nomenclature
Aside from updated objectives, A+ now has a new name and new exam code. The new exam codes are 220-1001 & 220-1002, and the new certs are now known as Core 1 & Core 2 respectively. Together, they are referred to as the CompTIA A+ Core Series.

What if I’m Currently Certified?
Don’t fret – if you’re currently certified in A+ and you took your exam within the last three years, your certification is still valid. The current A+ exam will still be open through the summer of 2019, but IT pros who have yet to be A+ certified are encouraged to certify in the new Core 1 and Core 2 certification scheme over the old one.

A+ Core Training Now Available
As CompTIA’s official video training provider, ITProTV is releasing online video training courses for the new CompTIA Core Series today, January 15th, the same day as the new exams become available. You can start learning for the new exam objectives now with an ITProTV membership. ITProTV members get the earliest access to training videos as well as an exam voucher for 10% off the exam. Start learning today.

Source: The New CompTIA A+ Core 1 & Core 2 Series

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