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Best Small Business Phone Systems and Services 2019

Choosing a business phone system in 2019 can be tricky. With such a wide selection of options and features to consider, choosing the one that’s the best fit for your business can be a tough undertaking. To help in your search for the right one, we researched and analyzed more than 75 providers. The one’s we think are best are below, as well as a comprehensive list of phone system providers if our choices don’t fit your needs. To learn more about phones systems, check out our guide to choosing a business phone system.

The uses and capabilities of business phone systems will only continue to expand in 2019. One trend sure to continue is the growth of unified communications systems.  

Businesses no longer use their phone systems to simply make and receive phone calls. Instead, these systems are also being used for instant messaging, video calls and faxing. Research shows that being able to access all of their communication tools from one platform is something employees appreciate. The study from RingCentral discovered that 67 percent of workers believe it helps them achieve better workflow, while 65 percent say makes them more productive. 

With that in mind, we would expect an increase in the number of businesses adopting unified communications systems as a way to help increase productivity among their employees and consolidate their communications tools into one platform.  

In addition to more and more businesses adopting unified communications systems in 2019, you can also look for more phone system providers to look for ways to beef up their unified communications offerings. For example, in recent months 8×8 launched a new team messaging tool for enterprise organizations and RingCentral unveiled a new unified-specific mobile app.  

In an effort to keep up with, and jump ahead, of their competitors, it aims to reason that all phone system providers will look for ways to improve their unified communications’ offerings.

Source: Best Small Business Phone Systems and Services 2019

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