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5 Capabilities Every API Management Platform Should Have

Autodesk’s director of PaaS strategy, Shawn Gilmour, explained how APIs enable the design software company’s technology to reach a whole new set of customers.

The Autodesk Forge cloud platform offers Autodesk cloud technology via APIs and cloud services, developer resources, and connects the larger community of developers, engineers, and designers in each of the industries they support, such as design, media/entertainment, engineering, construction, and manufacturing. It has enabled partners to create new and innovative apps. It has as helped the company build an ecosystem that creates products for design projects that might not warrant the use of a complex suite of design software.

The API gateway secures access to Autodesk’s internal and external APIs and allows the company to establish and govern the policies to access those APIs.

An API management platform needs to include at least the following capabilities:

  1. A developer portal to attract and engage application developers, enabling them to discover, explore, purchase (or profit from), and test APIs and register to access and use the APIs.
  2. API gateways to secure and mediate the traffic between clients and backends, and between a company’s APIs and the developers, customers, partners, and employees who use the APIs.
  3. API lifecycle management to manage the process of designing, developing, publishing, deploying, and versioning APIs.
  4. An analytics engine that provides insights for business owners, operational administrators, and application developers enabling them to manage all aspects of a company’s APIs and API programs.
  5. API Monetization to enable API providers to package, price, and publish their APIs so that partners and developers can purchase access or take part in revenue sharing.

Source: 5 Capabilities Every API Management Platform Should Have

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