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4 Must-Know Benefits of Task Management Software

You’ve got to manage a plethora of data. From your issues to incidents, to your work orders and customer service requests – your team is communicating a lot of information. It can be overwhelming, especially if you’re using multiple tools to manage each aspect. But, that’s not all. You’re probably using your incident management system (IMS) to manage everything coming into your command center. Issues, incidents, customer requests, and important operational task are all managed from your IMS.

Does this sound familiar? We cannot stress enough how dangerous this is to the efficiency of your operation. It’s a matter of time before low-priority items go under the radar and nothing gets done. You must change this today. But how do you start? You stop critical operational tasks from integrating with your high-priority incidents. You separate them. You implement task management software.


You might already know this, but you have a series of responsibilities.

  • Issues
  • Incidents
  • Tasks
  • Requests
  • Maintenance

We are aware it’s a challenge to handle everything according to your standards. Among all your other things to get done, you have many tasks. Executing those tasks is non-negotiable, even with all your other jobs. It’s the only way your property runs smoothly, and the only way you look professional to your customers. So, what does your team need to get done? Do you have daily tasks? Do you have event tasks? What’s your current process for handling these important tasks?

Tell us if any of these resemble your current operation:

  • You manage tasks on a written checklist or in a spreadsheet on your computer.
  • Your new and existing employees expect to recall all the steps for completing every task.
  • You’re not aware of the completion rate of tasks. You don’t know how many get done.
  • You’re not aware of what happens to the items on the to-do list that don’t get done. You must take responsibility to get them done after the fact.
  • You can’t track whether customer-related issues or incidents are a result of tasks not getting completed.

Your team might be excited about what they do. They probably even love what they do. But your operation has many variables. Tasks and requirements are always changing too. The good news is that task management software helps you get a handle on your tasks. It removes inhibitors that prevent your operational tasks from getting scheduled, executed, and completed on time. It’s time for you to stop using spreadsheets. You can recycle your paper checklists once and for all.

Keep reading; we’re going to show how a web-based system will let you do a whole lot more than just separate tasks.

  • Schedule multiple tasks in just a few clicks
  • Automatically send periodic reminders to your staff
  • Manage your team’s work from a single system to ensure everything is completed proactively and according to schedule


Here are four must-know advantages of using a task management solution.

  1. Specialized Task Panel
  2. Supervise Daily & Event Tasks
  3. Generate Criteria-Based Tasks
  4. Program Reminders for Staff

1. Specialized Task Panel

One of the most challenging aspects of running an operation is all the responsibilities.

As we mention above, you have issues, incidents, requests, and maintenance to manage regularly.

It’s easy for things to slip through the cracks and get missed when your tasks are handled in your incident management system.

Now, you can track and communicate operational tasks separately from incidents and customer requests.

This separation lets you focus on and prioritize needs.

  • Issues and incidents don’t get missed
  • Customers receive the service they deserve and expect
  • Crucial operational needs get proper attention

2. Supervise Daily & Event Tasks

Create tasks for daily property operations or specific events that happen on your property.

Set up and schedule these tasks, and confidently watch your team complete them effortlessly.

Have control of what needs to get accomplished, whether it’s your day-to-day operation or a marquee event.

3. Generate Criteria-Based Tasks

Make tasks based on:

  • Time
  • Event Marker
  • Previous Task

Time: your security team must close the parking lot gates every night at 9:00 PM sharp.

Event marker: manage your revenue goals, alcohol consumption, and alcohol-related incidents by closing alcohol vendors in specified areas at the end of the 2nd period.

Previous Task: check your next hotspot, or location with high activity related to an incident, 30 minutes after the last place.

4. Program Reminders for Staff

Your employees are busy.

Sometimes it’s also easy to get caught up in something or overwhelmed by other tasks, which means some tasks can be forgotten.

Send task reminders to your team via text, email, and depending on the software provider, mobile apps.

By sending your team reminders, you’re also providing them with a record of their tasks.


Everything that occurs or needs to get accomplished on your property negatively affects the customer experience if not completed efficiently. It’s up to you to control these outcomes. Start with separating your critical operational tasks from high-priority incidents. Use task management software to ensure stuff gets done.

Source: 4 Must-Know Benefits of Task Management Software

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