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Top 6 Hotel Accounting Software

Hotels need to keep track of their cash inflow and outflow. This can be performed with the assistance of specialized software. By leveraging the power of Information Technology (IT), accountants can perform these tasks faster and more efficiently. Here are the top 6 hotel accounting software free download available today.

Best 6 Hotel Accounting Software

1. FreshBooks

This is the top accounting programs used in the hotel industry today. It can be used to handle accounting for hotels. FreshBooks is capable of streamlining routine accounting activities such as billing and making them seamless in nature. Moreover, the software presents you with a collection of features through a neat, intuitive interface. You can customize it to present accounting features according to your personal preferences. This hotel accounting software can prepare professional invoices and financial reports. It can also track your hotel expenses, issue invoices, keep an eye on accounting periods as well as perform client follow up. The software is Cloud-based hence your financial data is accessible online. You can experience this software for free over a trial period that lasts 1 month.


This is a tailored hospitality industry solution, smartly built to help hotel owners & hoteliers in all accounting and operations aspect.

With an extensive 1000+ client base, this accounting & analytical solution leverages automation and integration. It stands as unique and remarkable for its significant features & functionality which helps in managing group of hotels. Easy-to-use interface lets you monitor daily sales, check occupancy %, RevPar, review GSS info, import STR, compare budgets, revenue & expenses, reconcile bank accounts and do much more.

3. Sage Intacct

This is accounting software which is specially developed for hotels. Capable of handling the financial information and tasks for other hospitality institutions such as restaurants, clubs and resorts, Sage Intacct is formidable and versatile. This software is based on the Cloud. Therefore, you can view your financial information at any time by simply logging on.

This bookkeeping tool also performs accounting activities automatically. In addition to that, this accounting software for hotels can deliver the financial information for specific hotel locations and properties on demand. It also allows you to create flexible charts of financial information that are available as free download. Furthermore, the software can support various hotel ownership structures for example franchises, multinational units and other corporate arrangements as well. The tool is also fully compliant with the accepted accounting standards.

4. Inn-Flow

This is a software tool that makes it easy for you to perform accounting for your hotels. Based in the Cloud, Inn-Flow makes it easy for you to access your hotel’s financial information. In addition to processing accounting data, it also assists with hotel management. The software can perform reporting across multiple brands quite easily. Through an intuitive and simple interface, accountants can manipulate its many features. An interesting feature of this hotel accounting software is that it can schedule accounting report generation. It is accessible through a demo account before using the paid product after a trial period.

5. Hotelogix

This software is capable of providing bookkeeping facilities for hotels. Maximizing on automation, Hotelogix is comprehensive solution. It makes accounting activities simpler to perform. The software also boosts the collection of revenue and assists with managing hotel property. An interesting feature of this digital tool is that it can be integrated with a web-booking engine. This allows you to garner bookings without having to pay commissions. Last but not least, it can be manipulated through a dedicated smartphone application. You can try out the software for free over a limited trial period of 15 days.

6. M3AS software

This accounting software focuses on boosting performance through leveraging computing power. The M3 accounting software for hotels allows for scalability. Hence, it is designed to provide technological support for every step of your hotel portfolio. This digital tool is also designed such that it delivers accounting and analytics at the same time Furthermore, you can use it to create some service standards across a large chain of hospitality facilities. Being versatile, it can provide accounting assistance for small hotels as well as large enterprises. A demo is available for you to try before investing in the paid product.

Performed on a regular basis, accounting is one of the most important business processes today. It can be performed faster with the assistance of these accounting programs used in the hotel industry. Investing in them is a good business decision with long-term benefits.

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