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The Ultimate List of Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Software

The commercial real estate industry encompasses numerous functions resulting in commercial real estate professionals needing to use a multitude of technology tools to do their jobs.

From listings sites to underwriting analysis to asset management – commercial real estate software adoption has traditionally been dominated by legacy platforms that have been around for decades and are still being widely used today. Alongside these companies, there are now a newer crop of software solutions that are solving similar or unaddressed pain points in the industry and rapidly gaining market share. This environment has led to an ideal opportunity for CRE professionals to really embrace technology to become more efficient and successful in their roles.

If you’re a commercial real estate investor, broker, lender, property manager, etc. – this list of commercial real estate software provides many viable options to incorporate into your workflow. Each software solution below is broken down by it’s core functionality or offerings. The list is segmented based on key functions of the commercial real estate industry:

Transaction Management Software


CNERGY is the leading transaction management platform for commercial real estate investment and finance teams. It is purpose-built for commercial real estate teams to centralize all deal flows and workflows into one platform, enabling you to organize, prioritize, and track all deal activities in one place versus multiple, disconnected tools.

CNERGY helps you:

  • Close deals 2x faster with workflow automation
  • Underwrite 5x more deals with pipeline management
  • Increase productivity by 40% with built-in checklists and collaboration

CNERGY is a best-in-class tool built by former CRE investment professionals who recognized the market’s need for efficient transaction management and collaboration .


Airtable is used by many as CRE transaction management software. It’s a modern spreadsheet database that can certainly handle the organizational aspects of CRE transactions, with a purposefully built CRE Transaction Management template.

Airtable allows you to:

  • Sort and organize data
  • Link spreadsheets together
  • Collaborate on data

You can use Airtable to keep track of your transactions, but the platform is not purposely built for commercial real estate.


Dealpath offers transaction management for investment teams by helping them organize and track their transactions.

Dealpath offers:

  • Deal dashboards
  • Workflows
  • Reporting
  • Content management

If you need a platform that can manage your transactions, workflows, and reports – Dealpath is a viable option.


AtlasX helps commercial real estate professionals manage their acquisitions pipeline. It’s built specifically to help investors who manage acquisitions perform more efficiently.

AtlasX offers:

  • Metrics tracking
  • Customization
  • Deal comparisons
  • Collaboration

AtlasX is a great option for tracking the information and metrics of an acquisition. If you need a system that helps you maintain accuracy during an acquisition process, this is a solid choice.

Listings & Marketplaces


Loopnet is a platform designed to help investors find commercial properties. You can search properties that are for sale or for lease, and even market a property you’re selling on their platform.

Loopnet helps you:

  • Buy properties
  • Lease properties
  • Advertise properties
  • Advertise your CRE firm

Loopnet has the largest marketplace of commercial properties, giving you plenty of opportunities to find your next deal.

Ten-X Commercial

Ten-X Commercial is a platform for buying and selling property. It connects you with a large network of buyers, sellers, and brokers that you can tap into to find investment opportunities.

Ten-X Commercial helps you:

  • Find sellers
  • Find buyers
  • Find brokers
  • Research properties

If you need to buy or sell a property quickly and want to leverage an online marketplace, Ten-X is a great option.


CREXi is a listing platform for properties that are for sale or for lease. You can use it to find or list properties on the market.

CREXi allows you to:

  • Buy property
  • Lease property
  • Sell property
  • Gather market intelligence

CREXi is a complete solution for the listing process, making it a strong choice if you’re in the market to buy or sell a property.


Biproxi is a listing platform for brokers, investors, and other CRE professionals. It allows you to find and list properties on the market.

Biproxi offers:

  • Property selling
  • Property listing
  • Marketing services
  • A property dashboard

Biproxi is a newer platform for buying and selling properties. Once you register you gain access to an exclusive dashboard for analyzing potential properties.

Market Research Software


Cherre is the leading data company for the commercial real estate industry. Their proprietary platform collects and resolves all public and private real-estate data in real time, and provides unparalleled insight into asset value and viability.

Cherre offers:

  • Data connections
  • Data augmentation
  • Data analysis

They also provide other services that can enhance the quality of your internal commercial real estate data. Cherre is the leader in CRE data and comes highly recommended.


CoStar is the provider of commercial real estate information, analytics and marketing services. They conducts expansive, ongoing research to produce and maintain the largest and most comprehensive database of commercial real estate information.

CoStar helps you:

  • Research property sales
  • Search properties
  • Analyze and get insights from your data

CoStar can provide an abundance of data to go along with your transaction management. The only downside is that it doesn’t offer collaborative deal rooms for teammates and 3rd party collaborators.


REIS is a commercial real estate data and analytics solution provided by Moody’s Analytics. They maintain a proprietary database containing detailed information on commercial real properties in neighborhoods and metropolitan markets throughout the U.S.

You can use REIS to:

  • Search for and analyze properties
  • Manage and evaluate portfolios
  • Measure data with real-time reporting
  • Integrate data and analytics directly into your internal systems

All of this functionality provides deep insight into potential markets, making REIS a great tool for enterprise organizations interested in making more accurate decisions.


Reonomy is a commercial real estate data platform. By combining comprehensive and validated data with powerful analytics, investors can make faster, more informed decisions.

Reonomy offers:

  • Prospecting
  • Property research
  • Data enrichment

If you’re interested in finding and quickly analyzing new opportunities, Reonomy also has lead generation built into their platform.


Compstak is a data analysis platform that generates lease comps, sales comps, and property details. They employ a crowdsourced model to gather commercial real estate information for investors, brokers, asset managers and appraisers.

Compstak offers:

  • Transaction analysis
  • Property details
  • Market analysis
  • Data verification

If you need access to property details on any property, Compstak is an in-depth solution that will fit your needs.


Axiometrics monitors the apartment and student housing markets giving an in-depth look at volatile market trends. Their granular data-collection methods, combined with extensive analysis, provides industry information to help investors make intelligent decisions about their apartment and student housing properties.

Axiometrics provides:

  • Market analysis on trends and pipeline supply
  • Property and market perspective into supply and demand activity
  • Sales data on properties
  • Data verification

Axiometrics also provides tools that allow you to to analyze potential opportunities.


RCA, or Real Capital Analytics, is a data and analytics company that focuses on the investment market for commercial real estate. The company collects transactional information for current property sales and financings; analyzes and interprets the data; provides insight on commercial real estate investment; publishes reports; and reports on trends involving distressed commercial property.

REAL Capital Analytics provides:

  • Property data
  • Market data
  • Transaction analysis
  • Principal and partner analysis

REAL Capital Analytics is an authority on the deals, the players, and the trends that drive the commercial real estate investment markets.


PropertyShark aggregates real estate data and listings from hundreds of public and proprietary sources into an easy-to-use yet comprehensive property research website covering a dozen major markets.

PropertyShark offers:

  • Property data
  • Foreclosure listings
  • Owner contact details
  • Property value estimates

PropertyShark is one of the the go-to CRE market research platforms for New York City.

Financial Analysis Software


ARGUS is the industry leading financial analysis software for commercial real estate professionals. They offer a suite of software that supports everything from property underwriting to planning and raising capital to reporting.

ARGUS offers:

  • Financial modeling
  • Financial returns analysis
  • Portfolio management
  • Data storage

ARGUS is the market leader and industry standard when it comes to financial analysis. If you’re in need of a powerful suite of tools to manage your financial transactions ARGUS is an excellent choice but has a steep learning curve.


redIQ is financial analysis software focusing specifically on the underwriting process. It helps commercial real estate professionals manage their underwriting.

redIQ offers:

  • Property financials
  • Anomaly identification
  • Deal database
  • Underwriting process management

If underwriting is a hassle for you, consider investing in redIQ to manage your underwriting process completely.

Assess + RE

Assess + RE is financial analysis software for real estate investments. It helps investors underwrite, value, and share their data.

Assess + RE offers:

  • Data reports
  • Sharable analysis
  • Data storage
  • Financial analysis

If you require lightweight financial analysis for the entire transaction process, Assess + RE is a great choice.

Fuel CRE

Fuel CRE is a financial analysis platform for the complete deal cycle. It allows you to forecast, value, and transact your deals.

Fuel CRE offers:

  • Financial modeling
  • Collaboration
  • Data management
  • Portfolio management

Fuel CRE will help you manage your financial data throughout the deal cycle. It’s an excellent choice for any CRE professional.


Valuate allows you to analyze property acquisitions and dispositions with value-add underwriting. You can also create financial models for rent rolls, unit renovations, and more.

Valuate provides:

  • Levered analysis
  • Rent roll analysis
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Sources of funds analysis

Valuate can replace Microsoft Excel for most of your modeling needs.

Property Management Software


Yardi is a suite of property management software designed for organizations of all sizes. Yardi Breeze is designed for small to mid-size property management businesses. Yardi Voyager is an enterprise platform that integrates with a variety of other tools in the Yardi suite.

Yardi allows you to:

  • Centralize property data
  • Manage accounting
  • Automate workflows
  • Manage marketing

Yardi is suitable for any business in need of a number of robust solutions, not just one piece of software. Yardi is designed to work with other tools for maximum efficiency.


BuildingEngines is property management software for the commercial real estate industry. It helps you manage the property yourself along with the tenant relationships.

BuildingEngines offers:

  • Tenant management
  • Equipment management
  • Asset protection
  • Community portal

BuildingEngines is built for commercial office and other building types where tenant management is a must. This is an excellent choice for reliable property management.


Buildium is multifamily-focused property management software that also provides accounting and a built-in resident portal.

Buildium offers:

  • Property accounting
  • Resident and owner portal
  • Document storage
  • Rental listings and applications

You can use Buildium as a complete property management solution.


RentManager is a  property management, accounting, CRM, and work order management software suite that combines all the tools your rental business needs into one integrated system.

Rent Manager offers:

  • Prospect management
  • Report writing
  • ePay processing
  • Loan management

RentManager is a solution to keep in mind if you want to automate the financial aspects of your property management.


Appfolio is a property management solution that offers mobile property management software that allows residential, commercial, student housing, and community association property managers to more effectively market, manage and grow their business efficiently.

Appfolio offers:

  • Owner portal
  • Maintenance request management
  • Website development and marketing campaigns
  • Vacancy dashboard & a mobile app for leasers

If you’re looking for a solution to also help manage your marketing needs, Appfolio is an excellent choice to support your property management.

Investor Relations Management Software

Juniper Square

Juniper Square is an online based investment management platform built specifically for real estate-focused private equity firms and real estate investment firms to find, raise, and manage capital.

Juniper Square offers:

  • CRM
  • Fundraising automation
  • Investor portal
  • Investor reporting

If you need an end-to-end solution for all your investment management needs, Juniper Square is an excellent choice.


Dealcloud is the leading provider of private capital markets software for sourcing, origination and deal management to hundreds of principal investing firms, investment banks, and operating companies worldwide.

Dealcloud offers:

  • Relationship management
  • Fundraising
  • Sourcing and Origination
  • Contact management

Dealcloud is a the go-to investment management solution for investment firms but is not specifically tailored for the real estate industry.


IMS, or Investor Management Services, is an investor management platform designed for commercial real estate owners. They focus on creating investor transparency and engagement by providing performance dashboards, document dissemination, and a centralized location for new offerings along with back office efficiencies through waterfall calculations, distribution automation, CRM, and portfolio valuation.

IMS offers:

  • Investor dashboards
  • CRM
  • Streamlined capital raising
  • Distribution calculations

If you’re in need of a system to manage your investment relationships, IMS is a great choice.

Leasing & Asset Management Software


VTS is the CRE industry’s leading leasing and asset management platform that centralizing all of a landlord’s critical data and workflows in one place thus empowering landlords and brokers to better attract, convert and retain their most valuable asset – tenants.

VTS offers:

  • Inventory management
  • Tenant management
  • Deal management
  • Deal approvals

If you’re a landlord or broker, VTS is the top choice for managing tenants and leases.

Visual Lease

Visual Lease is a platform that helps companies manage, analyze, and report on their leased asset portfolio – including real estate, equipment and more.

Visual Lease offers:

  • Visualized reporting
  • Expense analysis
  • Complete customization
  • Lease accounting and lease administration

Visual Lease is trusted by finance, accounting and real estate teams to be a single source of truth for complex portfolios.

Choosing the Right Commercial Real Estate Software

Choosing the right CRE software to use can be a hassle. Hopefully, this list provided some clarity on what solutions are best for you.

Source: The Ultimate List of Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Software

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