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What’s New in Tufin Orchestration Suite 21-1

Tufin 21-1 is packed full of new features and product enhancements, including incorporating many of our customers’ requests, to help users extend their policies and visibility across the hybrid cloud – specifically for AWS and Azure, enhanced support for NGFW policies with User-IDs for better app access control, and incident response. To view the full list of Tufin 21-1 new features and enhancement, click here.

Here’s a brief summary of what’s inside the Tufin 21-1 release:

Policy Change Management Across Your Hybrid Environment (on-premise and cloud) with Tufin SecureChange

One of the main challenges network and security admins report, is that making changes to firewall rules and/or security groups to enable access between apps/workloads across cloud, on-premise, SDNs, etc., is a time-consuming, error-prone process. This is because rule changes are usually done manually on different security management solutions (e.g. Panorama, FortiManager, Azure NSGs, etc.), which often results in missing SLAs, and configuration errors.

Tufin SecureChange Access Request workflow can now be used to automatically design and provision new access between apps/workloads in Azure and across the on-premise environment, , avert manual misconfigurations, and reduce redo rates, without exposing the network to potential risks. In addition, you can integrate Tufin SecureChange with your third party platform to handle access changes for non-managed Tufin environments.

Automatically Manage Azure Network Security Groups for North-south and East-west Connectivity

You can now use Tufin SecureChange Access Request workflow to automatically and accurately manage N/S and E/W connectivity — within the Azure environments or between Azure and the on-premise environments.

An access request ticket can be opened in SecureChange for Azure ASG object (VNets, subscription ID, IP address, NSG, etc.). SecureChange will then automatically run target selection to identify all targets in the path, whether on-premise or in Azure, conduct access risk assessment against (Read more…)

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source:What’s New in Tufin Orchestration Suite 21-1

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