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Customer Data Platform 101

How do I store, organize and transform the data I collect from all customer touchpoints, in a way that it makes a real-time, persistent and unified view of the customer available for increasingly intelligent marketing activities?

As a mature enterprise marketer, you already know the importance of building a unified customer view. What you are not sure of however, is which customer data management engine is right for you, or if you even need one. Or where to begin.

You could spend months doing the research. Or you could just download The MTA CDP Explainer Series and hit the ground running.

This issue of the CDP Explainer series – created by MarTech Advisor in association with CDP-Institute Founder & MTA Category Expert David Raab* – is full of diagrams and tables to help you answer:

  • What is CDP and where does it fit into your data ecosystem
  • A detailed comparison of the various data management engines – data warehouse, DMP, CRM and CDP – and which one you need for what purpose
  • Does having a CDP mean you won’t need CRM or a DMP or data warehouse anymore? Can a CDP do the work of these other data systems?

Source: Customer Data Platform 101

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